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Auto maintenance can help prevent car accidents

On a day to day basis, you get out of bed, shower, get ready, grab some coffee and a granola bar, get in the car, and rush off to work. You don't really think about whether your vehicle is going to work or not (or whether the vehicle on the road next to you is working properly); you just stick the key in, turn it, and go. To be completely safe in a vehicle and to lessen your chances of getting involved in a Colorado Springs car crash, you must maintain your car.

Most often you should take your car to an auto shop where it can be thoroughly checked out. The more complicated check-ups involve the engine or drive train, exhaust system, lubricating and cooling systems, suspension systems, steering, and braking systems, as well as changing the oil, adjusting tire pressure, and rotating tires.

However, there are some simple checks you can do yourself on a weekly or monthly basis. This involves checking the tire pressure and engine oil levels, listening for any foreign vehicle noises while you drive like squeaky brakes, and feeling for any different or strange vibrations in the car while you're driving.

In Colorado, approximately 42% of vehicles on the road have defective tires or incorrect tire pressure. Oil levels and drive belts are a problem for approximately 29% of vehicles, and there are even drivers who operate vehicles with lights that don't work properly. With these statistics, you can see that maintaining your vehicle is a necessity to avoid potential accidents. A well-maintained vehicle is a safe vehicle.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a Colorado car crash, contact an experienced Colorado Springs injury attorney today at (866) 254-1274.

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