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Slip and Fall/Premises Liability

Was your serious accident and injury caused by the negligence of someone else? If you live in Colorado Springs, Denver, or the surrounding Colorado area, you should talk to Robert J. Anderson today. With almost 30 years of slip and fall case experience and a track record of proven results and satisfied clients, Robert Anderson can evaluate your premises liability case and help you secure your lawful compensation. Don't settle for less. Work with the best. Call Robert Anderson today at (866) 254-1274 for a free consultation regarding your slip and fall injury claim.


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  • video You were welcomed as a guest, but ended up with broken bones.   
    After a serious accident on someone’s property in Colorado, you may feel you should claim for damages. The accident could have been avoided were it not for the landlord’s blatant negligence. But what were you doing on his property? Were you conducting business or invited at a party? Discover why this may be important to your case, and what Slip and Fall Attorney Robert J. Anderson has to say about invitees and licensees. And don’t fail to order his new FREE book: Top Ten Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Personal Injury Claim.
  • videoA kid trips, falls and is embarrassed. A falling elderly person will be hurt a lot more. 
    Accidents happen, like when you slip on an iced sidewalk, trip on the stairs due to a buckled tread or when you are attacked by a vicious dog when entering premises. Preventing these types of accidents is the responsibility of the premises’ owner or possessor. Read this article by slip and fall accident attorney Robert J. Anderson to discover who is responsible, and to what extent. Find out more about his FREE new book ‘Top Ten Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Personal Injury Claim’ which you can order on-line.


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